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Products of Tomorrow

A slap in your face, that’s what this campaign by the Nature Conservancy Brazil feels like. This Facebook Store sells products that are necessary in the future. When you place a pre-order, the estimated delivery time can be over 60 years. This campaign is a reaction to the fact that still, a lot of people (and even world leaders) don’t take the climate problem serious.

The three products that are being sold look like regular everyday objects, like sunscreen, water and an apple. But when you take a closer look, you’ll see that these products are not as regular as you thought. The sunscreen has SPF 350+, which could be useful when in 2070, the earth will be 4°C warmer. The apple is made of 3% fruit. By 2080, growing  organic foods will be allmost impossible.  The third product in the webshop is a bottle of “low-acidic rain water”, which will be a luxury product because in 2037 two-thirds of the population will have limited access to potable water.

Products of Tomorrow – The Nature Conservancy from Agência Africa on Vimeo.

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