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Sta-Bil Storage: Hog, Goat, Horse

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Not every ad campaign can be for some glamorous product that everyone craves. Sometimes advertising professionals actually have to do work for clients and their products that represents a real — and much less glamorous — creative challenge.

So give some credit to an ad shop such as Marc USA Chicago, which has found a pretty catchy way to promote the attributes of STA-BIL Storage, a hardly glamorous fuel additive used in cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other power equipment before they are stored for the winter.

The overarching ad concept from Marc USA’s creative team replaces images of actual cars and motorcycles and such with much more unexpected visuals — including a hog for that motorcycle and a snoozing goat for a lawn mower. Ad copy for each execution is tailored to the particular image.

The new STA-Bill Storage ads certainly wouldn’t be described as breathtaking or even beautiful. But they will speak to a target audience that most likely isn’t looking for something that could be mistaken for a Gucci ad.





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