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Awesome Redesigned Busses That are Like Coffee Shops on Wheels

By March 25, 2015 No Comments

Focusing on comfort and productivity, the project is a complete redesign of a standard city bus, and is commonly described as being a cross between a living room and a coffee shop. The redesigned bus features upgraded bus seating options, including a conversation nook and a laptop bar to allow passengers to get started on their work. There are plenty of USB charger outlets and Wi-Fi is free.

The free app allows customers to purchase tickets, check status of the buses as well as the number of available seats on the next bus. Leap has also partnered with local organic food supplies to make snacks available on the bus.

The service costs $6 per trip, or $5 if purchased in bulk. Since the service just started in San Francisco, Leap is looking to add routes suggested by locals over the course of the year, with possible expansion if the model is successful.

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