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AIDS Fonds: First World Problems

Would you like the ability to see unicorns? Or perhaps, do you prefer to poop glitter instead? You can get them in the form of peppermint placebo pills from the ‘First World Problem Store’. Stocking solutions to 41 first world problems, profit of these treatment to everyday dilemmas goes to Dutch non-profit organization Aids Fonds to provide HIV medication to individuals who cannot afford it. A description found on the store’s website read: “Nearly 22 million people worldwide don’t have access to HIV medication. Which results in many people still unnecessarily dying from the results of AIDS. Nobody should die of AIDS because of lack of medication. The profits of these First World Problem Pills will be used by Aids Fonds to provide people with access to HIV medication. These are medicine for medicine. Which means that our luxury problems can help solve a much bigger problem.”

Alexis Verschueren

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