Crayola was a big part of the online news last week. The brand announced that one of the colours in the 24-pack would retire on March 31, National Crayon Day. This led to an enourmous amount of attention on social media. People used the hashtage #shareyourfave to show what was their favourite colour. The brand even introduced a website with a countdown to the announcement of which colour would dissapear. At first, a lot of people thought that this was an April fools’ joke.An observant customer at Target found out which colour would dissapear before the countdown was over: he found a new box of crayons which announced “Dandelion is retiring”.

Then,  on March 31 in  Crayola organized a big event on Times Square to say goodbye to Dandelion and celebrate creativity. Also, Dandelion is going to do a 4-week retirement tour, during which It will even be possible to meet the dandelion crayon, “Dan D”, in person.  Crayola  announced that a new colour is on it’s way. This colour will be part of the “Blue family”. Pretty cool how a brand can create this kind of buzz whilst not introducing something, but letting one of the products go!

Alexis Verschueren

Making brand experiences that stick!