Myrthe and Astrid are a creative Dutch duo. They used a very unique method to get job interviews at ad agencies: by using a WeTransfer-hack. They found out that when you send a file through WeTransfer, you don’t have to verify the receiver or the sender’s email address. They used Wetransfer to pretend they were creative directors, sending Myrthe and Astrid’s portfolio to each other in order to get the job interviews.

The stunt got a lot of media attention and leaded to a couple of job interviews, unfortunately still without success. To attract even more attention, the duo submitted the project to the ADCN and the Spinawards and they got nominated for both.

They want tot take it one step further by going international. Their plan is to submit the project to the Cannes Lions. Their crowdfuncampaign is already a big succes: the goal has been achieved!

WeTransfer Job Switch from Myrthe van Dijk on Vimeo.

Alexis Verschueren

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