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Sweden has put the entire country on Airbnb

You’ll never have to search on Airbnb anymore if you want to go to Sweden. Why? Because the entire country has been put on Airbnb. Because of the “freedom to roam”, anyone can go to the countryside of Sweden. Everyone is free to hike, camp, swim and pick berries for free. As long as you keep a certain distance to houses and animals, you’re free to go wherever you like.

The video introduces the country as a home, that he shares with 10 million other people. The home includes a very spacious relaxation area (lakes), one hundred thousand tempered infinity pools (more lakes), the terrace (a cliff), custom-design with panoramic floor-to-ceiling views in every direction (the northern lights), and the bathroom, in Swedish minimalistic style (a forest).

Alexis Verschueren

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