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Wall Street: Fearless Girl

Did you know that the famous Charging Bull is a piece of guerrilla art? It was installed without permission in 1989 by the artist Arturo Di Modica in Bowling Green Park in the Financial District in New York. A bull is a symbol of aggressive financial prosperity. The Charging Bull symbolizes the strength of the American people after the stock-market crash in 1987. The New York residents loved it and it was allowed to stay.┬áThe artist placed similar bulls in Amsterdam (2012) and Shanghai (2010) as well. This International Women’s day another piece of guerrilla-art has been added: Fearless Girl, made by Kristen Visbak. This bronze sculpture of a young girl across the bull is installed by State Street Corporation. It symbolizes the power of women in leadership and is part of a campaign that aims to emphasize the fact that companies with women in top positions have a better financial performance.


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