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Guerrilla Marketing I Free Yulia!

A month before the UEFA EURO 2012 in Ukraine, Yulia is a hot topic in the media. While surfing the net we found this Free Yulia “guerrilla” initiative .  A website was launched as a kind of petition, on the website you can upload your picture into Yulia’s famous picture and send it through to friends.

Timoshenko was the Prime Minister of Ukraine from 24 January to 8 September 2005 and again from 18 December 2007 to 4 March 2010. She co-led the famous Orange Revolution. On 11 October 2011 a Ukrainian court sentenced Timoshenko to seven years in prison after she was found guilty of abuse of office when brokering the 2009 gas deal with Russia. Numerous protests followed all over the world.



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